Muster on the Maury - Living History in the Valley of Virginia
Calling living historians and
re-enactors for the annual
Buena Vista Labor Day Parade.
We are looking for anyone interested in appearing in period attire (multi-period) in Buena Vista's annual Labor Day parade on Monday, September 7, 2015. The parade is 7-8 blocks long and kicks off at 9:30am. Anyone coming in for the parade is welcome to set up camp in Glen Maury Park, the site of the Muster on the Maury, for the weekend. Horses are welcome and we do not have to have someone with a shovel and bucket following along behind in the parade. The motto is "what falls on Magnolia Street stays on Magnolia Street, at least until the next hard rain". The parade starts about  a mile from the park and marches back toward the park. We can arrange a car pool from the camp to the parade. Saturday, for those who are interested in taking part, we will be doing a seminar with students from Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista on being a living historian. SVU has recently formed a living history club on campus and this is an introduction for interested students and staff. There are no events scheduled for us on Sunday although there are other activities occurring in the park. We can hang out in camp, talk to folks who wander by, go riding, sightseeing in nearby Lexington, and celebrate the 218th birthday of Governor William "Extra Billy" Smith. Please let me know if you are coming, if you are bring a horse, if you are camping, and when you will be arriving so I can get things set up. I can be reached via email at Extrabillysmith(at)hotmail(dot)com. This is not the way you would write the address but I am posting it like this to keep computer programs from picking up the address and flooding me with a lot of spam and junk. Where there is a word in parentheses () in the address just substitute the symbol you would normally use in an email address. Please put "Labor Day" as the subject. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I hope to see some of you here.
The 2015 Muster on the Maury is history and we wish to thank all the re-enactors, living historians, demonstrators, volunteers, spectators, and students and their teachers and chaperons who made this a successful event, not forgetting the weatherman who did a much better job this year. We will take some time off and then start planning for the 2016 Muster. Here is a photo taken before the start of the church service Sunday.
One of the spectators at the 2015 Muster on the Maury filmed and posted some video of the event. It is on Youtube at 
Muster on the Maury, 2014, is now history. We had a lot of fun, except for the heavy rain Saturday. Fortunately we were able to move all the activities inside the large pavilion. The weather was nice Friday for school days and Sunday for the battle.
The 2014 Muster on the Maury is now on Youtube at http://youtube/1D1jFFn7pX4
or go to Youtube and enter Muster on the Maury. Hope you enjoy the presentation
Here are a few photos from the 2014 event. Many more are on the YouTube presentation.

The Paxton House is a Historic Landmark built by Elisha Paxton in the 1830s. It was the boyhood home of his son, Confederate General Elisha "Bull" Paxton. The city of Buena Vista aquired the site in 1990 and it became a 315 acre city park. The park's web page is The house is being restored by the Paxton House Historical Society with some city funds and private donations. Last spring a visitor posted a Youtube video of him touring the Paxton House. For some reason the exact address will not paste here but go to and type in "paxton house buena vista"  Since then we have done a lot of restoration work but a lot more needs to be done. 
The City of Buena Vista, population 6600, is located in the beautiful Valley of Virginia at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, six miles from Lexington, three miles from Interstate 81 (exit 188) and the Blue Ridge Parkway, and accessible via US Routes 60 and 501. Go to the blog page and see the DIRECTIONS blog.
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